As specialty Chemicals evolves, we are committed to do our best by taking care of our customers, by being the best at what we do. What that means to us is to continually look to the future in regards to new technologies and services. We desire not only to meet your requirements, but also exceed your expectations. For our current customers we are grateful and want to say thank you for your business.


Whether you are an international company with large operations or a small individual operator to everything in between, Specialty Chemicals can accommodate your needs. We will meet with you in order to conduct an analysis of your facility, so as to tailor a program just right for you.


• By analysis of your operation we will seek to maximize your efficiency, to lower fuel costs, and save money.
• A quality water treatment program will help you reduce or eliminate down time.
• Good consistent water treatment will result in obtaining or exceeding life expectancy of your equipment.
• We provide high quality chemicals at or above industry standards in addition to being on the forefront of new formulations.
• We can provide state of the art technologies in chemical feed equipment and supplies.
• We utilize local, independent, certified laboratories for quick accurate results.